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“We are so excited to be hosting the 17th SECOND in February next year! As we go international for the first time ever, our teams are working tirelessly to deliver the most unforgettable conference experience for all our delegates. With more interactive conference programming, friendly committee, and amazing socials that will showcase the best of what the city has to offer, The 17th SECOND is shaping up to be our BIGGEST and BEST conference yet! Jakarta’s stunning natural beauty and a unique culture and lifestyle offers something for everyone and is sure to delight visitors from around the world. We look forward to welcome you in Jakarta for a remarkable conference experience!”


The 17th SECOND

The 17th SECOND is an annual event focusing on Islamic economics and finance held by Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia. The 17th SECOND will be held at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, on February 11-14, 2018. The 17th SECOND aims to facilitate young leaders of Islamic economics interacting and learning together through international conference and seminar. Experts and practitioners will take part in The 17th SECOND to widening your knowledge through interactive learning environment.


“Islamic Finance and Economics Blueprint for Growth and Development: Shaping an Inclusive Future”
Islam, the religion of Rahmatan Lil’Alamin, offers sharia economics which is the Islamization of the existing modern economics in hopes to bring a fundamental solution for the rampant socioeconomic issues. However, until now sharia economics has not been able to resolve the existing problems. In fact, Islamic economics has so much potential that has to be developed. Hence, the committees of The 17th Sharia Economics Days (FEB UI) intend to carry the theme “Islamic Finance and Economics Blueprint for Growth and Development: Shaping An Inclusive Future” with the hope that SECOND the 17th can contribute to the development of Islamic economics in the world.

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Call for Abstract/

3 July – 30 September 2017

Abstract Anouncement/

15 October 2017

Call for Paper/

15 October – 27 November 2017

Anouncement for Best 30 Teams/

7 January 2018

International Conference/

11-14 February 2017

Event Concept

/Gathering and Ice-Breaking

11th February 2018

/Gala Dinner and Grand Opening

11th February 2018

/Seminar (Plenary Session)

12th February 2018

/Conference (Parallel Session)

13th February 2018

/Institutional Visit

14th February 2018

/Gala Dinner and Grand Closing

14th February 2018


Faculty of Economics and Business University of Indonesia (FEB UI) is the most prestigious educational institution in Indonesia. FEB UI is one of the very few that are consistently producing the country’s best graduates, as well as ministers in the cabinet, business leaders, and head of governmental organization.
More info: feb.ui.ac.id

3 July – 8 September 2017

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Call for Abstract : 3 July – 8 September 2017

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